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See Forward was founded in 2017 by Executive Director Kevin Uyisenga. It was created to serve as an outlet of hope for refugees and immigrants. Kevin first came to America for a college education and after graduation, he moved to Louisville to become an assistant pastor at Buechel United Methodist, where he began to bring many cultures together in one church. After doing this, many people began to rely on him for many things ranging from advice to finding jobs. Therefore he created See Forward to bring people beside him to help with guiding refugees and immigrants in many different ways that they would need.



See Forward Ministries is a bridge whereby US Citizens will intentionally meet to learn about other cultures and be given a platform to support and guide refugees and immigrants as they thrive toward reaching their God's granted highest potential.


See Forward exists to help refugees and immigrants with learning, living, and leading a healthy spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical, and socially balanced life.

Meet Our Staff

Kevin Uyisenga

Executive Director

Rev. Kevin Uyisenga is the Assistant Pastor of Buechel United Methodist Church. He was born and grew up in Rwanda (East Africa). He is a proud alumni of Lindsey Wilson College and a licensed United Methodist Pastor. In his spare time, he enjoys running, biking, and spending time with friends and family.

Mikayla is a recent Graduate from Lindsey Wilson that was born and raised in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. She has always had a love for ministry and being able to help the marginalized.  In her spare time she loves to explore new cultures and places, drink and make coffee, and write. 

Eunice is from Democratic Republic of Congo.  She's proud to be a Graduate from Lindsey Wilson college. In her spare time, she loves to sing, go out with family and friends, go shopping and watch medical and investigation shows. She also likes to learn new languages and cultures.

Eunice Mukaz

Services Coordinator

Mikayla Durrance

Services Coordinator

Our Board of Directors

Member of the Board

Tonny Jevans

Treasurer of the Board

Member of the Board

Ben Sollee

Jeanne Nyiraneza

James Evanson 

Member of the Board

Neal Sullivan

Member of the Board

Alina Kimlikina

Member of the Board

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