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Louisville’s Digital Inclusion Plan recommends ways to remove barriers to success for all who need the digital access, skills and hardware to obtain jobs, earn degrees, and participate in society.

Computer Class

We recently completed phase 1 of our African immigrants community assessment. We interviewed over 500 families in our community to see where the needs are so we will be better equipped to reach their need. Reach out to us for more information about our findings and plans for Phase 2. 

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English Language Training aims to foster integration, empowerment, and self-sufficiency. Participants will experience increased access to education, employment opportunities, and community engagement.


See Forward Ministries Mental health wellness and trauma informed care project is a priority due to multiple factors such as harsh conditions that this population have endured over many years such as the effects of wars, loss of loved ones, cultural change, Covid-19 stressors and many more painful experience which have gone untreated for way too long. 

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