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502 Commute is a ride-sharing program pilot operated by See Forward Ministries, a Louisville-based 501 c 3 non-profit organization established in 2017. The mission of See Forward Ministries is to help under-resourced refugees and immigrants who have been settled in Louisville with adjusting to the community. 502 Commute aligns seamlessly with the See Forward Ministries mission by creating equity and opportunity through accessible and affordable transportation options for individuals living in under-resourced communities, immigrants, returning citizens, and other marginalized groups. The objective of 502 Commute is to facilitate equitable access to employment opportunities, education, and community resources, thereby empowering them to become productive and self-sufficient.

The Need 

The Solution

502Commute will partner with Louisville-based employers and organizations to pilot an equitable, ride-pooling program providing immigrants, refugees and other individuals in under-resourced communities reliable transportation to work. 

Interested in Partnering?

(Rides for Workers)

(Get a Ride to Work)

Getting to Work Shouldn't be Hard Work

Please consider donating to our cause to help our communities get better jobs and have a reliable way to get there. 

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