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Intellectual Balance

In an effort to prepare our community for success, we will provide multiple services to make sure everyone is well prepared and assisted on their intellectual journeys.

ESL Classes

These courses focus on fundamental grammar, common vocabulary, introduction to reading skills in English, and conversation practice.

More advanced classes are also offered!


Tutoring Program

Free tutoring programs for kids in elementary, middle or high school.


School Advocacy

We will support children of immigrants to get into schools and follow up to make sure that those children have a chance for academic success. 


Internet Café

Free Internet services where our participants will have access and use of the Internet to search for jobs, shop, do their homework, and conduct research.


Job Fair

With an understanding that most immigrants need better opportunities to support their families, we will connect participants to employers at a job fair which will bring together both people seeking employments and local businesses looking for employees.

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