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Important Program Updates

Episode 8: Welcome to our podcast dealing with issues related to immigrants and refugees. In today’s episode, Project Coordinator Mikayla Durrance provides updates on some important programs, projects and events involving See Forward Ministries and the communities we serve.

COVID Vaccine Event

As part of our community outreach, in partnership the Louisville Metro’s Office for Globalization, there will be a free vaccine event on Saturday, 5/27/22. These shots will be for children and adults. You can receive your first or second vaccine. Booster shots will also be available at this event. This event is open to the general public.

REACH Program

See Forward Ministries is helping to promote this free event, again, sponsored by the Office for Globalization. Emily Brandon, a local consultant, discussed the REACH Program in Episode 5 of our podcast. This is a business basics information resource for people who are launching new businesses or needs advice for an ongoing small business. Many of the immigrants and refugees served by See Forward Ministries are entrepreneurs or had businesses in their country of origin. The REACH event will take place on Saturday, 5/21/22. Registration is required.

Local Community Data Project

As a non-profit organization, See Forward Ministries seeks out opportunities for grants, sponsorships and other sources of funding. Having a solid understanding of the people who make up the various communities See Forward Ministries serves, as well as the specific needs of individuals in those communities prepares the team to be more successful in the funding discussions and applications.

See Forward Ministries will be sending out a team of “community ambassadors” to survey individuals and families in our local immigrant/refugee communities. The survey results will provide documentation, which will be used in future funding efforts.

Soccer Kick-Around

On May 27th, See Forward Ministries will host a soccer kick-around. The soccer league will start in the Fall. Join us for this fun event to get some exercise, meet new friends and maybe participate in a scrimmage match or two. It’s a great way to feel connected to our local community and to enjoy some soccer.

Digital Inclusion Project

This is a project sponsored by Louisville Metro Government. Beginning in June, See Forward Ministries will provide computer training to community members. Upon completion of the training program, individuals will receive a free laptop computer. This is made possible by the Digital Inclusion Plan. According to the web page, the goal of the Digital Inclusion plan is to equip individuals in our community to apply for a job, doing homework, or starting a business. It will provide digital skills, tools and connectivity.

A Special Congratulations

We’d like to wrap up today’s episode with a special congratulations to our Executive Director, Kevin Uyisenga. He recently graduated from Leadership Louisville. This is a terrific networking experience and provides exposure for See Forward Ministries. Kevin will now be able to apply some of what he learned during his Leadership Louisville journey to continue his personal and professional growth and leadership. In Episode 2, we interviewed Kevin about how the genocide in Rwanda personally impacted him and his family. It’s been an incredible journey and we wish him, and See Forward Ministries, much continued success!

We’d like to thank Mikayla Durrance for joining us in the studio today. If you’re interested in helping with this effort, as Executive Director Kevin Uyisenga says, “Join Us!”

See Forward Ministries is a non-profit organization founded to be a bridge between those who are settling in our area and members of our community who may have an interest in getting involved, learning about different cultures and making this transition a little easier.

This podcast provides a platform for listeners to learn about this organization and the people who are involved with it. If you’ve ever thought about learning more about different cultures, this is an excellent opportunity. Please SUBSCRIBE to our podcast, so you get notifications each time a new episode is launched. Our plan is to launch a new one every 2 weeks.

Visit for more information. We’re also on various social media platforms. Let’s connect!

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